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Re: [IP] sneaking food VERY VERY LONG

Sara, I agree with a couple of things about your post.  Consequences speak 
louder than words.  If the 5 year old continues to not cooperate at all, put 
her back on shots and try again later.  I also agree it is a parenting issue 
above all, and not necessarily embued with special nuances because the topic 
is diabetes.  Your hard line approach in a way is refreshing, yet also sounds 
a little inflexible.  You may have the good judgment to run a tight ship in 
the right way, but put in unskilled hands, a hard line approach could turn 
into a real nightmare for the child.  Your mother sounded intimidated by your 
diabetes (Is a 123 bg good?  Should you eat that?  All questions she should 
have known the answers to in her sleep.)  Like all of us, your approach to 
this parenting issue has been chosen as a reaction to how your own parents 
handled your diabetes.  Diabetes is such a head trip!!!
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