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[IP] Re: Re: A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

Jack's reply:
>>I WISH my ex had been turned off by it immediately, rather than after
>>marriage.  I think some people will try to overlook something, or feel

>>they can learn to live with it and learn later that they cannot.

> My reply, from the spouse point of view:
> I wish that Shane had been MORE up front about his diabetes before we
> were married. (Please note I am NOT saying this in any way reflects on

> Jack's situation, or anyone else's,

That's my point also.  It should, and does, reflect on my situation, I
should have been more upfront about a long term relationship with a
diabetic.  I have always tried to convince myself, others and her, that
dm is 'no big deal'.  I would rather people thought I was drunk, rather
than on a low (it hasn't happenend).  I have always believed that I can
do anything that a 'normal' person can do and will have no more problems
than anyone else.  Now I have been denigrated because of my penchant for
seeing a doctor every couple months, my neuropathy, gastroparesis,
lasers, penile implant, pharygneal aphasia, lows, highs, etc.  I do not
wish we hadn't been married (our son wouldn't exist), but we shouldn't

Whenever anyone is dating, they should be totally upfront about the long
term aspects of dm.  Surprises are not good in any relationship.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Look at that guy-can't run six balls and he's president of the United
 - Johnny Irish, pool hustler on Richard Nixon

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