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[IP] Carb counting, basal & bolus rates & too much life


I've had a pump now for 18 years but didn't start carb counting until I was
pregnant (my very mobile daughter is now almost 12 months).  I am also
working at a full-time tenure track Jr. College job with a long commute and
tons of English papers not to mention family obligations and etc.  I'm
finding that with a baby who is wonderful but doesn't stop and a day much
fuller than I really want it to be, managing carb counting and fixing rates
is surprisingly tough.  Sometimes it is hard to even get a meal.  I am
often too tired to remember carb values (my memory has gotten really bad --
possibly from hypo problems and other stuff years ago.

I'm curious what quick and easy methods people are using.  We live in a
place with great produce and I eat pretty healthy but the problem seems to
be that fruits, veggies and home made breads of the area are not exact.
Package foods are full of salt and make me feel lousy.  I would love to set
up recipes and amounts I know the amounts for already, but at this point
the semester is starting and I don't really have much time to do all that
much cooking etc.  How about other parents of small children?  Working
parents?  What do you do?



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