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[IP] Site Infection

OK, folks, I need some help. After 3-1/2 years of pumping I think I have finally gotten my first site infection. I was really surprised since my numbers have been good ever since I inserted the site. But when I checked it this evening there was a pink, slightly raised area on the skin over where the cannula was inserted. It starts out narrow and broadens until you get to where the cannula ends (I use sils), and is not tender. When I pulled out the old site there was blood in the cannula.

I changed sites immediately, put some neosporin on the old one, and practiced extra-special sterile technique when inserting the new one. 
My questions are two: 

1. Could this possibly be due to the bleeding, rather than infection? In my experience blood under the skin appears blue, but I just wanted to ask.

2. Does anyone have any tips on what they've been advised to do about a site infection? Of course, I will call my doctor in the morning, but I would appreciate any and all advice I can get before that.

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