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[IP] overalls!!!

>  drove her parents crazy. (I'm glad to say at 17 she no longer behaves this
>  way, but it took some 'serious' steps over several months to get her to
>  stop.  What finally helped was requiring her to wear overalls (which she
>  hated) for a while, and then slackening up as she learned more
>  self-control).

GREAT example!!!!  and as sara smarty pants, who everyone seems to think runs 
around butt necked, i can certainly appreciate this!!  i hate overalls too!!! 

i say take the pump away...let her go back to injections.  Let her learn 
about carb counting on shots, and when she improves and learns how to 
compensate for food, snuck, extra or otherwise, then let her have the $5,000 
piece of equipment that isn't a toy, nor a magic cure to diabetes.  I just 
dont think  you can rationalize this kind of stuff to a 5 year old...not 
being a parent of course, but with 25 years of babysitting behind me, I know 
them young 'uns are powerful  tough to get a grip on (specially when they are 
soapy in a tub!

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