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[IP] Senior expo and a few more now w/pump knowlege

Today a friend and I went to a Senior Expo at Notre Dame. Of course, as
expected, it was a glorified health fair and we had lots of testing done,
etc. I figure most medical people should know about pumps, so my habit is
to ask if they have seen one. A rep from Bayer said, "Yes." So I said,
"Well then you probably don't want to see mine." But, he did want to! He was
quite surprised since he hadn't seen one as small as my blue MM 507c. We
talked for quite awhile and I asked if they could furnish some supplies for
my 50th BASH in case attendees want a BG screening. He told me to contact
At the last booth I went to was South Bend Medical Foundation (major lab in
the area) because someone else had a pen from that booth. I figure the IDEAL
writing instrument for the guestbook at the BASH is one of those
syringe-style ballpoints. They were giving them away and mine has mostly
dried out. When I got there I (casually) asked the good-looking, tall young
man if he'd ever seen an insulin pump. He said, "Yeah," and showed me his
Disetronic!!!  Instant comaraderie!!  A delightful young man - and his
co-worker and my friend stood laughing at us chatting away because of this
thing we had in common.  All in all, a lot of people there saw my pump today
and learned probably more than they had really wanted. Hurray for our side!!
BTW, when I tell people I've had DM 50 years I like to tell them I got it 2
years before I was born. MOST of them believe me!!!!
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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