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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

> > We are also surprised by the
> > lying, and deceitfulness of the act.

> > Does anyone have a
> > child that sneaks food, or remember if they did when
> > they were small.

I was diagnosed at 21 years old, moved from oral meds to injections at
22...& I remember "sneaking" on a regular basis!  I was living on my own, so
it wasn't even a case of hiding it from my family or anything - it was just
the natural rebellion of being told I couldn't have something that "everyone
else could".  Unwelcome limitations produce responses...it's not a negative
reflection on her or on you as parents, it's a very natural result of her
trying to assert some control over her situation.  If I didn't "get it"
enough to overcome those urges as an adult (& I think I'm a relatively
intelligent one), I can't even imagine what it must be like to be handed
this diagnosis & all the "do's & don't's" that go with it.  I think, as a
parent, I'd be much more inclined to worry if a child DIDN'T demonstrate
some active "fighting against" these kind of circumstances!

Don't be too hard on her, or on yourselves, over this.  I think a lot of the
parents on here offer very good ideas & advice, & yes, it's bound to get
easier.  Just wanted to let you know that even big people who should "know
better" have been known to cheat...


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