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[IP] Re: Sneaking food

First let me say that I think it is great that your
daughter tells you that she is eating extra food. 
That is a huge positive that has the potential to
really help you work on the problem.

I was dx at the age of 16.  And I "snuck" food as
well.  Like your daughter, I would often sneak "good"
foods.  I did more out of principle that I shouldn't
be having it than anything else.  Also I really really
love breads and pastas.

At the age of 22 (almost), I have found that I'm a
person that is always having to make minor adjustments
to my basal rates and carb ratios.  I do do fasting
tests, but I'm older.  And when all of my insulin are
thrown out of wack and I have to start over, I take a
consertative guesstimate of what my carb ratio should
be and go from there.  My endo talked to me during one
of the periods I felt I was just pulling insulin
amounts out of the air (which in my not really caring
for diabetes days I really did), there is reasoning
behind what I do.  Often if I am confused myself, I
force myself to write down why I decided to give what
I gave for a bolus.  Usually a pattern quickly
appears.  Maybe this could help you and your wife make
clear instructions for the school nurse.

While in some ways I agree with NYCSSP post about
punishing a child for poor and harmful self-care of
diabetes, I'm not fully convinced that the snack HAS
to be harmful.  If you child is willing to tell you
the truth (which must be SO hard for her to do, you
guys must be doing a lot of things right as parents
for her to be able to do that) about what she is
eating, then trying to figure out an appropriate bolus
at the time could help the situation.  I know one of
the things that helped me with the pump is I don't
have preassigned snacks.  I look and see what I want,
then bolus appropriately.

As for being high and not allowing her to eat while
she is hungry, that is something I find hard to do.  I
think if I was 5, I would have snuck things if I had
been told no.  Now I deal with highs by: 1) deciding
if I think the high will respond to a bolus and I can
just correct for the high and cover the food or 2)
(which is if I'm unsure of why I'm high and think I
might go higher even with a correction) eat something
that is really low in carbs.

Maureen and Jude

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