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[IP] Re:Menstrual Start up

Hello All
I did not start my menstrual cycle untill I was 15.6 years old, not due to my 
diabetes but rather to a super low body fat % due to Anorexia, Gymnastics, 
and other sports I did fanatically untill I was 15 and passed out at the end 
of a 4 hour gymnastics practice from low BS and other side effects of over 
excercising. Any how I thought my story might be useful! I was diagnosed with 
IDDM at 7 and was a fanatical Gymnast untill I was 15. I know my body fat % 
of 10 was too low to allow my body to begin menstruating. ANorexia certainly 
did not help any...but that is another story. I love my pump which I did not 
get untill I was 24. thats all for now. Best wishes Michelle T.
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