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Re: [IP] Freestyle

I finally got a good friend to drive me all over OC looking at Wall-Marts
and anywhere else we could think of for the Freestyle meters.
   Not a one to be found....ANYWHERE!  In fact they'd never heard of them at
all but one of the places we went to. The Wall-Mart said they could order it
for me ......$95.00!  So where are all these $65. -$70.00 wonders I have
read others are getting?
   I was going to just blow the $65-$70 to get one with the $40.00 rebate,
but to heck with it. I will ask and ask 'til I get a break from their rep or
wall-mart gets a grip and brings them in, at a reasonable price.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.

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