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Hello All
I Michelle T. have been on my pump (disetronic H-tronplus...) for a little 
over nine months. I am seeking advice or insight. I just moved and had some 
chaos with overheated insulin in June and early July. Due to this I had 
several abnormally high hours and days in June and early July. I just got a 
new PCP who did an A1C for me. It came back at 8.3, two points higherr then 
the one I had prior to moving on June 12th. It is also abnormally high for 
me, my A1c's have been between 4.6 and 6.8 for over five years. Now I know 
this all may be due to the crazy days I had in June and July with spoiled 
insulin. My issue is that my new Primary Care Physician (PCP) called me 
immediately and insisted that I should "change my inslin doses to fix this 
high HemoA1C". Since I firmly believe that this result is due to abnormal 
events, I do not think I should change my basals or boluses. Especially since 
I do not yet have a local Endo and my Endo in MI said do not alter anything. 
I have done computer graphing of my BS for several weeks and have not seen 
any patterns, nor have I had any major highs in over three weeks. ANy 
I am a major perfectionist!
Thank you MIchelle
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