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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

Not being a parent myself, these might be off, but here are 2 more

1) You said "I'm pretty sure she's angry." Is it possible this is
somehow her way of striking out? Maybe she can't totally tell the
difference between being mad at you and being mad at the situation. She
is hurt by the whole deal of having D, and she knows sneaking food hurts
you, so she feels like she is somehow "getting even" for all the bad
stuff happening to her, by making someone else feel as bad as her?
2) Is she doing this because of the attention she gets? My little sister
(not D by the way) used to misbehave on purpose just because then mom
would come spend time in her room with her. Sure, she was getting a
lecture, but all she cared about was "mom is here with me and no one
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