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Re: [IP] child pumper crisis - sneaking extra food

In a message dated Wed, 16 Aug 2000  2:03:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Riske, Joyce M." <email @ redacted> writes:

<< so we quit calling it "cheating." Because of the
impugned guilt, he wouldn't reply honestly. We started calling it "extra" food. >>

I like that approach.  One of the main ideas of the pump is to allow the flexibility to eat what we want.  It's really not "cheating".  I am finding that one of my challenges in using the pump is to be honest with myself about just what I'm eating.  I think I still feel like I'm "cheating" sometimes, when really all I'm doing is eating a larger portion than the book or package says is one serving, or eating off-schedule.  I don't have to feel guilty about that and it isn't "cheating".  

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