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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

Charlotte wrote:
> Since your daughter is on the pump 
> maybe you can tell her that she can have the food
> and to let you know so you 
> can calculate the carbs and bolus for it and check
> often.
> It may slow down the basal process but after a while
> when she knows shes 
> able to eat and you bolus for it she may eventually
> slow down in eating the 
> foods she's not allowed and then you can at least
> try to recalculate the 
> basals.
> But makes  sure you test test test!!! and don't
> forget YMMV - it may work 
> and it may not but I think its worth a try. The more
> you restrict a child 
> from eating the more they will sneak.

Kevin: We are Carb Counting with her, and have already
established a fairly good Basal. We are trying to get
Bolus Meal ratio's & ISF ratio. When she was with
injections, she pretty much had alot of the snacks
most children eat (within reason), but at scheduled
times. She would have to eat a certain amount of carbs
then, and couldn't eat donuts till a meal time, which
was factored in. What is so strange about this is she
is cheating with saltines; half of lenders bagel she
took from her 2 yr old brother, and other ridicules
things. She is also cheating right after receiving a
nice treat.

Blake wrote:
> being told you can't have something
> always makes you want it more.
> It sounds like your daughter was given an incentive:
> "if you wear this pump, you can have treats".  To
> her, it's that simple and she's holding up her end
> of the deal.  From her perspective, I'd guess she
> thinks you guys are holding out on her.  Maybe it
> would help to make the promise of rewards less
> general and more specific, say something really
> special in particular for keeping with the program
> for a whole week.  Small steps.

My daughter never asked about the foods she cheated
with. When she comes to us and says "I'm hungry", we
say lets check your BG and see if you need to eat. She
does get disappointed when it's high, and her body
feels hungry, and she wants to eat. We have told her
she will get the treats once we determine bolus's. 

Karen wrote;

> Maybe your daughter is angry at
> all the restrictions
> placed on her.  Or maybe she truly does not
> understand what diabetes is.  Try carb
> counting and bolusing.  It may take a longer while
> to get your basal rates
> just right, but do you really need all of your
> answers right now?  

She keeps alot of things inside herself, and I'm
pretty sure she's angry. She has plenty of ADA & JDF
books for children, and was explained by my wife, the
CDE, and I about DM, but I'm sure she doesn't know or
understand the whole picture. We do carb counting, but
how can you bolus her, if you have no ratio? We are
talking bolusing in tenths of a unit for things. It's
totally different then with grownups. Kids this small
bottom out quickly with the system they have on
Humalog. We already have the Basal ratio, but need to
get the Bolus implemented very soon, as she starts
Kindergarten in September, and the school nurse will
be none too happy with our fly by the seat
calculations. So, yes, we do need to get the Bolus
ratio right away.

Fran Wrote;
> I really don't believe she is
> sabotaging your efforts, 
> she's a kid and is being a kid and dealing with
> having a chronic illness.
> They sat and talked with me about why I was
> doing what I was 
> doing.  

She may not be doing it on purpose, but she is
sabotaging our efforts. We have sat and talked with
her after the first coupla times, and asked her why.
None of her excuses made sense. We explained what
could happen, not to do it again, asked her to tell us
when she does do it, so we will know to disregard the
post meal BG check and try again the next day, but she
is still sneaking. 

Melissa wrote:
> Your 5 year old is getting a taste of something new.
>  She has never been
> able to eat like this before.
> Try something creative- like making a reward system
> for her.  If she goes
> the whole day (week) eating just what shes given
> then she can pick out a
> snack to eat at a "specified time".  That way if she
> does go high after the
> snack-you know why. Let her know that the sooner she
> starts eating just what
> you tell her the faster she will be able to eat the
> snacks on a regular
> basis.  And let her know that when she sneaks food
> it hurts your feelings.
> 5 year olds understand  that and do not want to hurt
> people they love.  

My daughter has been given the same treats, at special
times (when she's in our pool, during activity, or
with a meal with an injection). We have tried reward
systems, and she gets into them, but still cheats. She
cheats with snacks that aren't even understandable why
she would risk doing this. We have told her many times
that this hurts our feelings, and we are disappointed
in her, but to no avail.

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