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[IP] Re: A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

Original question:
>>Has anyone had dates/potential lovers become turned off by their
>>diabetes and/or their pump??

Jack's reply:
>I WISH my ex had been turned off by it immediately, rather than after
>marriage.  I think some people will try to overlook something, or feel
>they can learn to live with it and learn later that they cannot.

My reply, from the spouse point of view:
I wish that Shane had been MORE up front about his diabetes before we
were married. (Please note I am NOT saying this in any way reflects on
Jack's situation, or anyone else's, its only my personal experience!) 
Before Shane, I had never met anyone with insulin dependent diabetes.
Shane rarely did blood tests and never saw a doctor. He often ate huge
snacks without additional insulin, even though he knew better. He never
made a big deal of his diabetes and thus I thought it was not a big
deal. On occasion he would even intentionally allow me to believe things
that were "not quite right" about his diabetes. I did not realize how
truly dangerous it could be.
Eventually he confesed that his whole life he figured no one would ever
want to marry him because of the diabetes, so when he found someone he
wanted to marry, he tried to hide the diabetes stuff so it wouldn't
scare me off. For those single folks out there, PLEASE do not do this!
It is absolutely terrifying to wake up in the middle of the night to
find the person you love unconcious and convulsing on the floor, with no
idea why, or how to help them! I am not saying spill your guts on a
first date, but don't make it seem like something less than it is
either. Your potential spouse/lover/whatever has the right to make a
fully informed decision. If they can't handle it, you deserve someone
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