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[IP] A Long Vent - Dating

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted> wrote back to 
someone about A Long Vent - Dating

>>Has anyone had dates/potential lovers become turned off by their diabetes
>>and/or their pump??

>> It seems like several people i have dated, i stopped seeing them
>>after they found out about my diabetes/pump... I don't know if it was the
>>diabetes or just me :),

>maybe both :-) I do say that in jest, for I have had a lot of rejection and
>yes it was the diabetes and when I was on a pump 20 years ago. Guys told me
>that flat out, shoot even friends. I lost roommates.

(I know I am liable to start a huge flame with this comment but remember I'm a 
beloved anceint member of the borg (from before some of you were born, none 
the less diabetic)).

I also had my share of 'drops' due to pump/diabetes.  I went through 
'shidduchim' (arranged marriage brokers) who read me my 'bill of wrongs' 
before I ever started ('Well, you know that diabetes..... and ....
and you CANT EXPECT to find a 'perfect' girl with that going on....').

I thank G-d was introduced to my wife by her daughters pediatrician.  He has 
given her a half hour lecture on results of long term diabetes and what to 
expect (blindness, inability to ...., inability to work, etc) and tried to 
warn her AGAINST the match, even though HE set it up.

We are both extremely happy she didn't listen to this advice (as he as well as 
my doctors were wrong about my future health thank G-d and other things as 

I would say that dating/marriage is a very tough cookie for anyone and having 
the diabetes does not help the equation, though it really shouldn't make a 
difference.  One must be firm in their appreciation of self (don't put 
yourself down or feel depressed) AND REMEMBER TODAY IS TU B"AV (this is a 
romantic girl meets boy day in the calander that those looking should take 
advantage of)

who really did meet his wonderful wife through a matchmaker and is proud and 
happy to say it despite what the matchmaker tried to do....

 The opinions expressed here are mine and no one elses.

 If you like them you have my permission to use them as
 long as my wife gets credit for any good ideas (who I
 probably got them from in the first place)

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