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In a message dated 08/16/2000 1:04:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have a five year old daughter, Dx'd 12/99, that went
 on the pump mid-July. Since she is the first child her
 age in her Endo group, they didn't have any history to
 start her out on ratio's and such. Because of this,
 they have been very conservative and slow about making
 changes. As of today, we are still experimenting with
 her ratio's. When we approached my daughter about the
 pump (she wanted one when I received mine, but we
 wanted to make sure of her decision), we told her she
 could have alot of treats she couldn't have now, at
 times, in-between meals she couldn't do before. As
 soon as she started the pump she, of course, wanted to
 start eating donuts, and treats immediately.
 Unfortunately, they took away her snacks to try to set
 the Basil ratio, and this gave her alot of anxiety. My
 daughter has gotten her snacks back, and we have even
 given her some treats, telling her more will be
 forthcoming, if she waits patiently for the other
 ratios. We recently found out she has been sneaking
 food. It explains some of the wacky numbers she got,
 when we followed the instructions set by her CDE. As
 of yesterday, four separate incidents have come up
 where she was sneaking food, thus sky rocketing her
 BG. She even has confided in us that she had even
 taken food when on injections. My wife and I are
 besides are self with grief. My wife is home with her,
 and has been on this a month, neglecting our other
 kids (the youngest is 8-weeks), and getting up
 overnight to check BG's, while our daughter is
 sabatoging her efforts. We are also surprised by the
 lying, and deceitfulness of the act. After each time,
 we have explained that she is very lucky to have been
 given the chance to be on the pump. That when I
 received DM 23 years ago, it was very strict, and you
 couldn't eat anything. That sugar-free foods were few
 and tasted discusting back then. That if she has
 alittle patience, she will have those treats she
 wants. My daughter is still sneaking food. My wife
 wants to take her off the pump. Her CDE is on
 vacation, so we can't consult with her. We didn't tell
 her of the other incidents at start-up of the pump of
 fear she would pull the plug on it. Does anyone have a
 child that sneaks food, or remember if they did when
 they were small. I was Dx'd @ 15, and don't remember
 if I did or didn't. I do remember having my mom &
 doctor say if I didn't straighten out, I would be put
 into the hospital and given BIG needles. It was enough
 to scare me, and also make me obsessed with
 compliance. Help!

Ou son was 8 when he went on the pump and we had the same thing happen. For 
him, he would sneak food everyday after school and it would ruin his bg's. It 
took us a while to figure out that was what was happening.

Our endo suggested that we just increase his basal rates for the time when he 
got home from school until we could work out a solution for the "sneaking" 
because it was becoming a power struggle. He finally stopped sneaking food, 
IMHO, because:
1.) It was no longer something that would cause attention.
2.) He was told by his endo that he now HAD to snack to cover the extra 
insulin.(one of his reasons for he wanted a pump was the fact that he could 
eat whenever he wanted to, so this worked to our advantage).
 BTW, after about a week of HAVING to eat his snacks and noone making a big 
deal out of it, he stopped sneaking and we were able to reset his afternoon 
basals to their original ones.

I know he was a little older at the time than your daughter is now, but I 
hope this helps you.

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