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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #413 sneaking food

I agreed totally with Blake and his response to the sneaking of food as a
kid and not knowing the long term consequences.  I have had DM1 for 51
years and to this dte have no complications.  Hard to believe, but I
think I cheated alot.  I will hand it to my other thoough, she enrolled
me in alot of excercise classes and made me walk, did not pick me upp[
even in snow and cold of North Dakota.  Made me ride my bike across town
to swimming lessons, etc.  At thtat time only had a long acting insulin  
then got Ultrlente, then years later NPH.  when I was 20 years and
interned at UCMed Center in SF I saw thatDr. Olney and Peter Forscham put
kids on Regular and N, so I just started my self on the R.  I have always
did my own MI as good as I could, but for sure not near the control that
is possible today.  Also, it is perfectly normal human behavior to sneak
food or whatever, if you are not supposed to have it.  and especially
since everyone elso you know has it without a problem.  I ate lots of
candy at noon hour in grade school, all the time walking to and from
school and also playing alot of sports.  Was a cheerleader in Jr. High
and got lots of lows.  In High school ate candy after school alot and of
course walked to and from school ... a mile each way.    So maybe I am
just lucky or blessed.  I do not know.  My endo thinks I have good genes.
whatever, i am thankful for it.  gudo
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