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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

> As
> soon as she started the pump she, of course, wanted to
> start eating donuts, and treats immediately.

Donuts are fine. My daughter wanted a macdonalds apple pie on the way 
home from the doc's when she got hooked up. She GOT it. Along with 
the appropriate bolus. 

> We recently found out she has been sneaking
> food. It explains some of the wacky numbers she got,
> when we followed the instructions set by her CDE. As
> of yesterday, four separate incidents have come up
> where she was sneaking food, thus sky rocketing her
> BG. She even has confided in us that she had even
> taken food when on injections.

Teach your child how to read the labels and bolus for her snacks. 
That will provide the necessary positive feedback to your child to 
make this all work. Without that, in my opinion, she is no better off 
than she was on injections.

The motivating force behind the control improvements for a child is 
the improvment in quality of life. My daughter went from testing 3 - 
4 times a day (at 20 minutes per finger stick) to testing 6 - 8 times 
a day without anyone asking her to do it because it gave her the 
ability to control her own life and live a better, fuller life.

> My wife and I are
> besides are self with grief.

Get over it! For your daughter!

Read the sections in Pumping Insulin on profiling basal requirements. 
Read the HOWTO pages of the Insulin Pumpers web site on the same 
subject. Help your medical team with pump management for your child. 
For day to day management, you are ultimately responsible.

> My wife is home with her,
> and has been on this a month, neglecting our other
> kids (the youngest is 8-weeks), and getting up
> overnight to check BG's, while our daughter is
> sabatoging her efforts. 

I would suggest that the overly strict regimen is what is sabotaging 
the effort. There are other ways. Short fasting periods with non-carb 
snacks and drinks can make basal profiling relatively easy. This need 
only take a few days at a time. Learning all this stuff is the 
difficult part, after that it becomes easier. 

Don't fret, hit the books and ASK lots of questions here and of your 
medical team.

> We are also surprised by the
> lying, and deceitfulness of the act. 

Sounds like a normal, frustrated kid to me.....

> Does anyone have a
> child that sneaks food, or remember if they did when
> they were small.

This is real common for kids with diabetes. Everyone wants to deny 
them what other kids get and what their body tells the it needs to 
grow and thrive. Take the other approach. Count carbs, bolus, let 
your child enjoy life and live normally. It is not only possible, but 
better in the long run for the child's health. BUT, carb counting is 

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