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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

You could try planning her treats.  Set up a time(s) each day that she gets a
great treat that she loves.  You can control the times and amounts but she knows
there is a treat coming.  She will ask you for it early, generally, let her have
it if you would have let her have it if she was not D.

We also sometimes prepackage snacks in baggies with the bolus written on them.
She may be too young to do her own bolus (she wont be for long) but it could be
a great training tool to get her to read labels before eating.  Let her pick
what the snacks will be, anything is game.

With planned snacks, it gets her to anticipate her snack, learn restraint in
waiting for it and habitually bolus for it.  If she knows she is getting a
really cool snack in an hour she wont even think of sneaking a lesser snack.

We also have stuff our daughter likes that are bolus free.  As long as it will
not effect her next meal she has free access to them.  Jerky, pickles,
bellpepper, carrots, soda, peanuts.

Curtis Lomax

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