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[IP] Pumping Day One!!!

I officially starting pumping Tuesday at 1:30 pm!  I'm liking it just fine so far.  I can't even feel the infusion set, and I was afraid I'd be able
to.  The tape is actually the worst.  I feel a little stiff on my side and I've been babying it, afraid to bend too much and stuff like that. So far
no redness or irritation from it though.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am not going to turn out to  have allergic problems or anything.
I was a little afraid overnight, but turned out to do just fine.  I'm on an all day basal of 1.1 for now, with set boluses of  9 at breakfast, 8 at
lunch, and 9 at dinner.  I'm not exactly sure why I couldn't just start carb counting, but the trainer seemed to think this was best.  I had a 300
yesterday which I overcorrected and ended up with a 48.  That was about like when I was on injections.  But I stayed between 60 and 90 for several
hours, then had one in the eighties this afternoon.  I think once I get my basals tightened up, I will do okay.
I'm looking forward to learning more, and doing better.

Sherry C. from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Now one of the collective.  I AM BORG

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