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[IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

As you can tell from the previous responses to your post-I think we all
snuck food.  I was dx at 10 and I snuck food all the time yet I was old
enough to know better.
Your 5 year old is getting a taste of something new.  She has never been
able to eat like this before.
Try something creative- like making a reward system for her.  If she goes
the whole day (week) eating just what shes given then she can pick out a
snack to eat at a "specified time".  That way if she does go high after the
snack-you know why. Let her know that the sooner she starts eating just what
you tell her the faster she will be able to eat the snacks on a regular
basis.  And let her know that when she sneaks food it hurts your feelings.
5 year olds understand  that and do not want to hurt people they love.  (The
reward system works for my 5 year old)

Hope it helps
Melissa and pumpy

Melissa Howell
ECN Coordinator
(252) 235-6425

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