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[IP] new pumper questions

Melysa wrote:  
>  exactly do you comfortably wear the pump with a dress??  

Well if the bra clipping doesnt work, then try clipping to the top of your 
stockings or undies (if you have undies with better elastic than me).  I have 
also worn it in my sleeve (see my photo on IP..the pump is in my sleeve).  
Some people use a garter or the thigh thing, but I think it is worthless.  Or 
cut a hole in the seam of the pocket, if there is one, put pump in pocket and 
thread tubing through hole in seam and plug er in!!

>  What about airport metal detectors?  

NOT a problem.  Going through the little doorway will NOT have an affect on 
the pump.  It will probably not set off the metal detectors, if they SEE it 
on you, they might ask you to take off your "beeper"  tell them it is an 
insulin pump and it is attached...If you DO beeb adn I doubt ou will, they 
will use "the wand" on ya...no big deal...try to look suspicious, like you 
are smuggling something...give them something to worry about (just don't SAY 
anything like that...you can go to jail for joking aorund with them!!!)

>  3. Endocrinologists in NYC...HELP!!!
Well, I see Drexler and love him - have youspoken to their office to ask if 
they will take on your plan?  Dr. Busta there is also great - their team, 
Ralph, Carolyn, Jamie are all very nice people and "usually" return phone 
calls.  212-241-2000.  I don't know the names of the other doctors there, but 
there are a few.  Located at 102nd and 5th Ave.  I have completely private 
insurance, and they always say "see ya later" as I hand them my chart.  I 
always assumed they were filing it for me, though evidently they failed to 
file things back in 1998...and just this last month got around to it, and my 
insurance is just laughing and denying the charges saying it has been too 
long for them to consider paying it...HOpe they dont expect ME too!!  cuz I 

Next meeting of the NYC pumpers WITH clothes TBA!!!  stay tuned

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