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Re: [IP] A Long Vent - Dating

>Has anyone had dates/potential lovers become turned off by their diabetes 
>their pump??

Yep, Yep, and Yep.  Sorry.

>  It seems like several people i have dated, i stopped seeing them
>after they found out about my diabetes/pump... I don't know if it was the
>diabetes or just me :),

maybe both :-)  I do say that in jest, for I have had a lot of rejection 
and yes it was the diabetes and when I was on a pump 20 years ago.  Guys 
told me that flat out, shoot even friends.  I lost roommates.  And of 
course none of this has to do with the fact that I am in the b(*Th club 
too.  :-)

It does hurt, but what I told myself is these people were shallow and 
weren't having around in the first place.

I know have been with a wonderful man for 5 plus years.  He is always there 
for me and gets the diabetes and pump.


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