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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food


I was diagnosed just before my 3rd birthday, 37 years ago.  I can't relate 
to what it is being a parent of a diabetic child, but I guess I just want 
to say I snuck A LOT and am still here to talk about it.

I am no psychologist and I don't know why we do it as kids, but I think 
it's pretty common.  I really don't believe she is sabotaging your efforts, 
she's a kid and is being a kid and dealing with having a chronic illness.

I think I got grounded a few times, hmm what else did they do, oh tell me 
all the horrible things that would happen to me, but I think what really 
impacted me was when they were calm and asked me how felt after eating 
"this".  They sat and talked with me about why I was doing what I was 
doing.  Did I never sneak food again, nope, but it lessoned a whole lot and 
basically I think they let it go in my presence, but I am sure for them it 
was very hard.

When I did some volunteer work for the ADA I had a support group at my home 
for kids.  I also did weekend events with the kids.  I remember once I was 
walking down this hill leading towards a concession store, and the girls 
just freaked "oh my god, here comes the counselors".  They had just 
purchased candy, etc..  The other counselor who is also diabetic, started 
yelling at them, I looked at her and said, now how on earth can we yell at 
them when we've done the same thing.  I then looked at the girls and said 
"hey go for it, it's your life that your hurting, not mine".  Wow, they 
actually threw the stuff away.  Then they would show up for the meeting 
with candy, I told them the same thing.  Go right ahead, you're only 
hurting yourself and if that's what you want then have fun.  The never 
brought candy to the meetings.  I also had several parents call me and say, 
wow so and so is really watching her diet etc.

I do hope this helps  and I wish I had the magic words that would get your 
daughter to stop sneaking food.

Maybe a good family counselor would help all of you get through this.


>BG. She even has confided in us that she had even
>taken food when on injections. My wife and I are
>besides are self with grief. My wife is home with her,
>and has been on this a month, neglecting our other
>kids (the youngest is 8-weeks), and getting up
>overnight to check BG's, while our daughter is
>sabatoging her efforts.

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