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[IP] Newbie and Mood Swings

     Was it Bonnie R. and Sara P. who said they were B**CHES?  Well I guess
     you can count me in too.  I was dxd with D at age 18 and have had it
     for 23 yrs. I am pumping for 1 month. I have always had high and low
     swings (mostly highs) for as long as I can remember.  My sister and
     other friends (non diabetics) have said that I have been very short
     and grumpy for the last few weeks.  I have even taken all my animals
     (2 cats and 1 dog) to the SPCA recently 'cause they were getting on my
     nerves.  I did go back and had to "adopt" my 2 cats back but that's
     another story.  My question is could my moods be due to the fact that
     I am on the pump and my BG's have been in a more "normal" range and my
     body doesn't know how to react.  My sister said I am absolutely nasty
     and she has never known me to be like that. I was in tears when she
     told me.

     P.S.  Among the other perscription drugs that I take  i.e., Thyroid,
     Blood pressure, etc...I do take Prozac 20mg daily.

     Has this happen to anyone else ?

     Chris Bonner (email @ redacted)
     dxd 1977 pumping since 7/15/00----------------------------------------------------------
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