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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

I was Dx'd at the age of 7 and was always told I couldn't have any sweets - 
I started rebelling when I got a little older and was sneaking food only 
because I was told I couldn't have it.  Since your daughter is on the pump 
maybe you can tell her that she can have the food and to let you know so you 
can calculate the carbs and bolus for it and check often.
It may slow down the basal process but after a while when she knows shes 
able to eat and you bolus for it she may eventually slow down in eating the 
foods she's not allowed and then you can at least try to recalculate the 
But makes  sure you test test test!!! and don't forget YMMV - it may work 
and it may not but I think its worth a try. The more you restrict a child 
from eating the more they will sneak.

Hope this works

>From: Kevin <email @ redacted>

>I have a five year old daughter, Dx'd 12/99, that went
>on the pump mid-July.

>We recently found out she has been sneaking
>food. It explains some of the wacky numbers she got,
>when we followed the instructions set by her CDE. As
>of yesterday, four separate incidents have come up
>where she was sneaking food, thus sky rocketing her
>BG. She even has confided in us that she had even
>taken food when on injections.

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