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Re: [IP] pump and magnetic cards

Thanks for the reporting that pumps have not wiped out other people's
magnetic cards.  I finally got a new badge today (after 4 days of sneaking
into the building, inefficiency with the people who make the badges) and
being a bit of a smarty pants myself, decided to repeat the experiment by
leaving my badge next to my pump for the whole day and seeing if it fails.
(gosh! this new badge you gave me doesn't work!)  If not, I will chock it
up to the old one wearing out.  Rev. Winchester remarked about swipe
machines causing cards to wear, we have a proximity badge reader system
where you just need to put the badge near the reader for it to work, even
if in a wallet or pocketbook (unfortunately when we moved into a new
building they put the readers too high for us to just hip-check them as we
used to do).

If anyone does have any positive reports of erasures, let me know, and I'll
report back on the results of my experiment.


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