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[IP] Selling Cannulas Separately

SNIP >>>>>>>>Janine asked:  On another tangent, i keep wondering why Minimed
doesn't pack two "clip" site 
catheters (i don't know their exact term, but it's the point at which i 
detach, stuck on my body!  what are they CALLED??) in their packages w/ the 
silhouette tubing?  is it only me that changes the site before the insulin 
cartridge?  I fill that cartridge with lots of insulin without a problem.  
Therefore, I have tons of tubing lying about the house, but have to dig 
around for this piece that I stick into my abs.  
Hate this situation. Janine Hummel<<<<<<SNIP

Funny you should ask.  If you check the archives you will see that many of
us have been writing the Chairman of MiniMed and Maersk (the mfg) about
selling the things that stick on your body (cannulas/infusion sets)
separately.  In fact, a bunch of us mailed our old tubing (I had a
drawerful) to him.    I got a nice letter saying manufacturing decision,
regulatory issues, blah, blah, blah.  In other words, profits, profits,
profits....Don't know if anyone else has had a response yet.  I plan to keep
up the requests. I was told by a MM rep two years ago that MM won't consider
it until there is a demand for it.  There are only 9-10 on this list
requesting it..so the demand is not great enough yet. 

Please join us in asking him to sell them separately.   I have a good start
on a second drawerful which I plan, at someone on this lists' suggestion, to
mail to the Chairman of Blue Cross/Blue Shield to show them what they are
paying 80% of which goes in the garbage...due to Maersk and MM being
unwilling to satisfy their customers needs.  The customers HATE paying for
something they don't need. Thanks for asking
Bonnie Richardson

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