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[IP] IP] new pumper questions & HELP me find an endo!

Wow, i can actually answer these questions!!!

<<Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 16:54:12 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] new pumper questions & HELP me find an

1. Pumps and dresses...
Okay ladies...how exactly do you comfortably wear the
pump with a 

Well in my 7 weeks of pumping, I have heard to take
off the clip and stuff it btw cleavage.  My 36B's
don't give me quite enough cleavage for that so, I got
a few miracle bras and when wearing a dress, i take
the padding out of one side and put the pump in its
place (under and to the outside of the breast).  Even
in a clingy dress you can barely see it.  Initially it
feels a bit awkward (both wearing a padded bra and the
pump wedged in there) but that goes away.  i just
bought the Minimed leg thingy for a wedding i'm going
to since my dress has an open back. 

<<2. Airplane Travel
What about airport metal detectors?  Is it safe to go
through them?  Is 
anything else I should be thinking of that will
interfere with the pump 

Been on two flights and no problems so far!

<<3. Endocrinologists in NYC...HELP!!!>>

I go to Mt. Sinai's Diabetes Center (the home of Dr.
Drexler)but he's not my doctor! I see Dr. Busta. 
There are a few doctors there.  When I moved to the
big apple, i had a tough time finding doctors (i have
Aetna USHealthcare)  Although the doctors at MT. Sinai
are NOT listed in their book, the hospital
participates with Aetna so I guess its billed through
them.  If you call the office, they can tell you which
doctors participate with which plans (they accept
different ones).   2 yrs ago I had the same problem
and wanted to see Dr. Drexler ( who wasn't
participating with any plan I had access to) so I was
a bit pushy and talked to anyone at that center who
would listen and eventually got my foot in the door. 
I would strongly suggest you talk to them, be

PLEASE let me know if I can be of any other help!

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