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[IP] glycemic index and other valuable stuff

>>  how the heck do you guys find out glycemic 
indexes?  all i seem to know about is carb counting!  i would love to
know	<<


Here is a little trick you can use to find virtually ANYTHING at all and
find it FAST, too. While you are online go to GOOGLE.COM (which is a web
site   www.google.com).

Enter what you are looking for and "presto" there they are. When I typed
GLYCEMIC INDEX I was given about 8,700 different web sites to check out.
They seem to be listed in order of relevance, too. So, check the first
one first then go down the list until you find something that you need.

Another very good and very fast search engine is www.alltheweb.com

Sometimes when you are looking for something VERY VERY esoteric you
might find it on one site and not on the other, so check 'em both.

I hope this helps.

Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
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