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Re: [IP] Height and weight

Sticking my tongue firmly in cheek here goes with my statistics. I was 
"scheduled" to be born by C Section June 1, early enough for mother not to 
have to go through labor according to the doctor. May 31 mother went into 
labor and I was born. So I was a little early and also her first. I weighed 
in at 7 lb. 12 1/4 oz at 7:15 pm. I was diagnosed at age 7 and am the only 
juvenile, IDDM, type 1 diabetic in the family (for generations), none 
before and none since. Currently I am 46 y/o, 5' 10", weigh 180# and have 
been diagnosed for 39 years although mother thinks I was likely born 
diabetic. Her opinion comes from the large number of wet diapers I 
presented her. Seems the mothers got together and compared all the details 
about their babies. Well, I had to go to my "Baby Book" for the weight and 
time statistics for my birth but I also found the entry mother made when I 
was diagnosed. It follows somewhat like others have indicated in an earlier 
thread. Showing "mild" diabetes first then measles with high fever along 
with a cold and then the insulin because BG had pushed over 511.


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