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Re: [IP] re height & weight

email @ redacted wrote:
> David, all 3 of our kids weighed within an ounce of 10 lbs. 

Can't not stick in my 2c regarding all of you who report having been or
had extremely large babies.

Having a baby over 9 lb. is a sign of insulin resistance, and sometimes
gestational diabetes, and significantly increases your risk of
developing Type 2 diabetes later in life. 

So you need to remind your doc to check you periodically for Type 2, no
matter how young you are, and you need to eat healthy and exercise to
try to prevent it.

Or if you're pro-active, check your own BG 2 hours after a high-carb
meal from time to time. If it's high (over 200), you need to tell your
doc, and need to develop a plan to deal with it! 

Having a Type 1 in the family doesn't mean that Type 2 can't be there as
well; when Type 1's develop insulin resistance later in life, they
continue to be called Type 1's, BUT it's really more like having Type 1
AND Type 2 at the same time.  

Hoping EVERYONE in the family stays healthy!
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