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[IP] How can you tell the difference

Bonnie wrote:
>  Isn't that a rhetorical questions? like when I mention hot weather
>  makes me feel bitchy...some folks reply "how can you tell the
>  difference??"  Heh, Heh.   

EXACTLY my point...is it diabetes that is making me moody?  or is it the 
moon, or my job or just my general attitude du jour?  Is it diabetes that 
made me 5'4?  Or is the fact that my mom,  her two sisters, her mom and her 
grandmother were ALL sub 5'5 relevant at all?  Is it diabetes that causes my 
heart to palpitate when I get on an airplane? Or do I just watch too much 
evening news...

Gotta draw the line somewhere and just accept what IS as what is!!  Can't 
blame diabetes for EVERYTHING...most things, yes, and ALL things when I am in 
a mood, but seriously, you all know what I mean...dontcha????????

>  (Love ya, Sara, just had to say it. . 

same to ya miss brich!!!  :-)

newbies are gonna LOVE trying to figure this one out, aren't they?
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