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[IP] Re:thoughts about the sil (oh, and of course, height & weight...)

RE: Spot's weight/height thingee, I stand barely 5'3" and was two pounds 
heavier than both my sisters (7.2 pounds) at birth.
Also, someone mentioned menstruation.  My mom swears diabetes is the reason 
that I didn't begin until I was turning 15 ( we did NOT have glucometers back 
then) and often we wonder if that's why I have a small, "A" size chest in a 
family of "D" sized women.  Hmmm.
On another tangent, i keep wondering why Minimed doesn't pack two "clip" site 
catheters (i don't know their exact term, but it's the point at which i 
detach, stuck on my body!  what are they CALLED??) in their packages w/ the 
silhouette tubing?  is it only me that changes the site before the insulin 
cartridge?  I fill that cartridge with lots of insulin without a problem.  
Therefore, I have tons of tubing lying about the house, but have to dig 
around for this piece that I stick into my abs.  
Hate this situation.
Janine Hummel 
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