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RE: [IP] growth & DM

In my case, it's hard to tell.  I was DX'ed at age 3, over 27 years ago.
I'm 5'4", while my dad's 5'11", one brother is 5'11" and the other is 5'10".
But my mom is only 5'1", one sister is 5'3", and the other is 5'0".  Neither
brother is a diabetic, the shorter sister is (DX'ed at 12).  Mom is a
diabetic, but DX'ed as an adult.  EVERYONE on her side of the family is
short -- I'm about the same height as my grandfather, uncle, etc.

So did the diabetes have anything to do with my height?  MAYBE, if you look
at my dad and brothers.  But given the height on my mom's side of the
family, diabetes probably isn't the ONLY factor involved...

--Greg                      http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg/
"Never apply a Star Trek solution to a Babylon 5 problem."

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