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Re: [IP] Height (and lack thereof...)

At 06:00 AM 08/15/00 Kevin wrote:
 >I don't see any interference from
 >DM with this. It's a genetic thing.

I agree... I'm 5'10", although I wasn't diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 
until age 37. My sister, who's had it since age 10 is over 5'8", which I 
believe is taller than average for women. My brother who's never had it, is 
6'2". All normal genetic variations within a family, I think.

On the other hand, my sister and I who are both diabetic are right 
handers... my brother who is not, is a lefty. Maybe we can speculate about 
whether right-handers are more likely to get it. <just kidding>  :-)


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