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[IP] pump and magnetic cards

Has anyone noticed a problem with their pumps wiping out magnetic cards
(like credit cards)?  My office building uses proximity cards for the
security system:  they have a magnetic strip on the back, but you just need
to wave it near the card readers for the doors to unlock.  The last couple
of times I went running, I put my badge in the same little key pocket of my
running shorts where I put my pump.  They were both in there, probably
rubbing together a little but not much, for an hour at a time.  My badge
has stopped working (but they are still paying me, so I'm not fired yet :-)
and I'm wondering if the pump did it or if the badge just wore out after
several years of use, and if I should repeat the experiment with my new
badge..  I have a Disetronic H-tron Plus.


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