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[IP] Glucose sensors - calibration and other technical details

>From time to time people have written here about having the opportunity
to test glucose sensors/monitors.
I have an opportunity to do this, but want to know more about them -
can anyone help?
>From what I understand, the glucose sensor which I may get to try (I
don't know which company) is used for 3 days, and then at the end of
the 3 days, the information gets downloaded and decoded, and you and/or
your physician or whoever get to see it.  
Setting aside my initial objections to a device 1) which does not give
you immediate readout, thus enabling you to make useful adjustments,
and 2) which only runs for 3 days, which for sure will not be typical 3
days (partly because for me no day is typical, and also because as soon
as I start doing something unusual like monitoring, I would quite
likely become much more conscious of what I was eating, etc, making it
still less typical), I decided that it would still be worth trying out
in order to find out if there are unsuspected weird things happening to
my blood sugar, in addition to the weird things I already know about.

But now come my technical questions:  I understand that the device is
calibrated to glucometer blood sugar readings, 4 readings daily.  That
would be fine - I trust my glucometer readings, but what worries me is
the accuracy of the calibration.  Apparently each day's readings have
to be calibrated separately, because the performance of some component
of the system is changing over the 3 days of its effective lifetime. 
This gives me cause for concern about the accuracy of the calibration -
will it be as accurate at the end of each day as at the beginning?  how
well could such a calibration system work?  does anyone have any
experience of this?  do all such devices currently available or under
test rely on such systems? 

Thanks very much.

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