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[IP] Basal rate lead in times

A year has passed since I started on the pump and prompted by the recent
discussion about basal rates on this list I decided to tweak mine.

I am using the Pumping Insulin book, third edition as a reference but find the
book slightly confusing on the point of the time lapse between making a
change in the basal rate when and when one can expect the effect to start
making itself known using Humalog.

On page 173 the figures 1 to 1 and a half hours are proposed, on page 96 - 2
to 3 hours and on page 104 - 3 to 6 hours and perhaps more.

Our milages most certainly vary but has anyone any helpful input on the

Still referring to the book, I have also noted that a reference is given on page
172 to a table (19.2) which "... provides a timetable to show the time lapse
after various types of insulin are lowered before an actual drop in the blood
insulin level will begin"

This information is really what I could use but unfortunately there is some kind
of error as Table 19.2 refers to "Carb, bolus, and basal adjustments to
balance excercise for 100lb. person"

I have both faxed and written to the publishers about this last detail but have
never received an acknowledgement!

Best wishes
Frère Roy

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