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[IP] strips

Hey kids, the first response I got was from our admin George who said:

>WOW, $5 for 100 strips?   Nahhh!  Hold out and change the deal, 
>Sara.   She may want to just give them away at $5, but insist that 
>the person BUYS her email address from you with a contribution to 
>IP!   And ask for $10 a box contribution at that.  I gave $20 a box 
>for 50 strips. (thank Yerachmiel for that one)     :>)

and ya know this is a GREAT idea!  So, if you are dsperately in need of the 
strips, let me know, otherwise, highest bidder gets em...$20 to Kim and the 
balance to IP.

I dont mean to be an indian giver, so if you sent me an email re: the strips 
already and you really need this financial assistance due to insurance woes, 
just give me the word and they are yours for the aforementioned $20.  I am 
now going to read my other email, so I will keep tally of who the first email 

> And does the SP now stand for "Sans Panties"?   ;>)

No, I am fully clothed adn came to the chat almost that way last night!

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