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[IP] AccuCheck Complete/Fast take swap

Is anyone interested in swapping an AccuCheck Complete for a Fast take??

I have just recieved an AccuCheck Complete in the mail--I guess they send 
them out to new pumpers.  As a happy user of the Fast take I was going to 
just mail it in for a rebate to get another Fast take to use as a back up.  
First however I thought I'd see if anyone on the list might have a Fast take 
they'd like to swap for it.  I also have 50 AccuCheck strips I'll send with 
it.  Just send me a private email if interested.  

On another note I've been pumping since Friday and loving it!  I actually did 
extremely well the first few days and rain around 100 with a 24 hour basal of 
.8.  Today with the same basal I've had four unexplained highs.  For now I'm 
sitting tight and waiting to see if the same happens tomorrow.  My first day 
I was on .9 and got low four times so I'm hesitant to raise the basal again 
(as is my CDE).  I've had no problems with carb counting, bolusing and 
corrections except that as a vegetarian who loves Chinese and Japanese foods 
I've found it hard to find carbohydrate listings for some of my favorites 
like avocado rolls, seaweed salad and tofu stir fry.  Any suggestions?

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