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[IP] Height (and lack thereof...)

Hi all--

Spot's response to the thread about delayed menstruation intrigues me.  I
am one of seven full siblings (plus an additional sibling on each side of
the family tree--nine brothers and sisters in all).  I was diagnosed type I
at around ten years of age, some 33 years ago.  None of my brothers or
sisters have developed D (of any type) to date.    

I am several inches shorter than everyone else in my family, and I've
always thought it was reasonable to assume this was a result of my having
diabetes during those growth years.  My son was diagnosed at age 2, 16
years ago--he is taller than me, about equal in height to his dad, and
still growing....  His blood sugar ranges have been closer to "normal" than
mine were, due to early diagnosis, home blood glucose monitoring, and (of
course!) the pump. 

So I'm curious--are most of you "oldtimers" shorter than your siblings and
parents?  And are most of our children with diabetes less affected in this

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming

Spot wrote:
...before the pump all maturation was slowed as was growth and athletic
ability. A lot of the kids were getting along on 1400 calories a day, some
1200. not enough to grow and develop normally. that slows the development
clock way down...

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