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[IP] Maternal age as risk in diabetes

The current issue of the British Medical Journal has an article saying

<Maternal age at delivery was strongly related to risk of diabetes in the 
offspring, such that risk increased by 25% for every five year increment in 
maternal age. A mother aged 45 years or more at delivery was 3.1 times more 
likely to have a child with diabetes than a mother aged less than 20 years. 
Paternal age was also associated but less strongly. Multivariate analysis 
showed that adjusted risk of diabetes was greatest in firstborn children and 
decreased progressively with increasing birth order. According to this model, 
changes in maternal age at first delivery could account for an 11% increase in
 the incidence of diabetes in children born since 1970. Since the observed 
increase is much greater than this, other factors must also be involved.>

The article can be found at www.bmj.com 

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