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Re: [IP] The Countdown begins...

Sherry C. wrote:

>>My appointment to start the pump is tomorrow at 10:15.  I am excited, but
I am also
getting very nervous. My doctor never called me about adjusting my
injections the
today or tomorrow morning to accomidate.  His not-so-bright receptionist
said to just
leave them the same.  I don't suppose 22 units of NPH would be very smart to
take the
same morning I start the pump though.  I believe I will just skip my NPH

Congrats Sherry.  The instructions from my doctor's office for my first day
of pumping was to not take any insulin in the morning before starting.
Don't think you'd want any more of that NPH floating around in your system
when starting on the pump than you have to.  Good luck, I had a rough few
days starting out, but it's been great now after 3 months.  Won't ever go
back to demon NPH and shots!


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