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[IP] Coke,Pespi,7 UP,etc.

I've visited [ worked at ] many soda bottling plants including Coke,
Pepsi, and 7 UP.  The people that run and operate the soda lines are
always under the gun to pump out as many cases, 2 liter bottles, etc. of
soda as possible. Sometimes I do not know why the workers let the
managers get away with it but that's another story.  Summertime
especially busy with 2 shifts 5 days a week with 3rd shift preparing the
floor for the next day.  I would not be surprised if when a soda line
switched from making a regular product to the diet product there could
not be some errors taking place on occasion.  Next time I'm am at a
bottling plant I will ask a reliable source on whether it is possible. 
My point in writing this is, if you open a diet Coke and it tastes to
sweet, think twice before guzzling. Might be a good thing to sample a
regular soft drink on occasion just to keep that taste around in your

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