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[IP] I need Everyones help-Please

In reply to Jim's question about if the job is largely confined by law to
prohibit diabetics.

My feeling is that if there is a legal restriction on the job candidate then it
should be noted in the job description before they offer the job to be filled.
Otherwise, employers would be able to switch job requirements as soon as they
found out about some condition that they didn't like.

Can they say they have a job that requires a commercial license?  YES,  but that
is not what I understand happened.  I think they offered him a job to do
something that he is qualified for and failed to mention that getting or having
a commercial license was part of the requirements until after they found out he
was diabetic.  At this point, I think he has a good reason to demand that he get
a that job.

I do think it is illegal to make up fictitious job requirements to exclude
people based on disease.

Curtis Lomax

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