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[IP] Diabetes and the DOT

For those who are interested.  I got a copy of the DOT handbook today and here is a statement from it:
Section 391.41(b)(3)
Diabetes mellitus is a disease, which on occasion, can result in a loss of consciousness or orientation in time and space. Individuals who require insulin for control have conditions which can get out of control by the use of too much or too little insulin, or food intake not consistent with the insulin dosage. Incapacitation can occur from symptoms of hyper or hypoglycemic reactions (drowsiness, semiconciousness, diabetic coma, or insulin shock). The administration of insulin is , within itself, a complicated process requiring insulin, syringes, needles, alcohol sponges, and a sterile technique. Factors related to commercial vehicle operation such as fatigue, lack of sleep, poor diet, emotional conditions, stress compound the diabetic problem. Therefore, The FHWA has held that a diabetic that uses insulin does not meet the minimal requirements.
Does this sound dated to anyone but me? This is less than 1 year old. Anyone who has any suggestions, please e-mail me at email @ redacted or post to the group. Thanks again for everyone's help.
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