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[IP] we are everywhere

so I was in the gym getting my stuff out of the bag, put my profile on the 
bench and turned to the locker...doo-dooo-dooot I hear, you profile users 
know that familiar sound.  I turn around to see if maybe in my absent minded 
state I had done a test, i mean, they ARE second nature now, but I really 
didnt remember turning it on...Nope, still zipped up.  I look up and a girl 
is zipping up a black case...I go "profile?" and she kinda blushed...LOL  we 
started talking...she is type 1 and just joined the gym.  Still on 
MDI...tried a pump 4 or 5 years ago but didnt like being attached for 
shower...showed her the disconnect and her eyes kinda lit up.  I told her 
about US, so hopefully we will have another convert...resistance is futile!

AND...yesterday the NYC pump club had a meeting at central park's carousel.  
Despite crappy weather, I met Alecia and her BF, Andrew.  We had a picnic on 
a rock with some curious squirrels and a few rats with wings, then we just 
walked around and talked...She is gonna encourage me to eat more often and I 
am gonna get her to eat some ben and jerrys!

next NYC meeting TBA.  

Sara SP
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