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Re: [IP] yet another post on coke

On 12 Aug 00, at 0:29, email @ redacted wrote:

> just a point of information that there is a known connection between caffeine 
> and higher blood sugars...NOT everyone has this reaction, but some 
> do...before you blame Coke for having sugar in it, try drinking black coffee 
> a few days in a row and see what happens to your bg. Of course, you may NOT 
> have a reaction to caffeine, adn you very well MIGHT have gotten some of the 
> same tainted batch that Randall was talking about, but as with everything 
> else with diabetes, there is NEVER a simple single solution to any problem

Must the the weather up north... down here we like cold drinks in the 
summer and hot coffee just doesn't quite make it...  I don't like the 
coffee at the office because it's too weak.  They let me make it a few
times but then the janitor complained because it was hard to clean the 
coffee pots and mugs after I made it - it was good stuff, but it tended to 
stain the inside of the glass...  and only one other person would drink it.  
After that brief experiment they decided that I could be omitted from
the coffee pot duties...  and a good strong cup of black (straight, none
of that fancy Yankee stuff in it <grin>) doesn't bother my bg...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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